London fog

This is the time of year when you are so grateful we now use digital cameras instead of Kodak film. Oooh, look at that tree, no, that one, no that one.

fog2I am snap happy. Even though London is experiencing a pea soup fog.

We changed our clocks this morning and I decided that the one extra hour of time should be spent in a special way.

fog1And that didn’t mean doing the ironing. Or tidying my desk and removing film research detritus.

Instead, I grabbed the camera and marched off through the streets of Hampstead and into Golder’s Hill Park.

halloweenhseI’ve been a few times which was useful as I managed to get completely lost in the fog.  But luckily I had my favourite landmark once I staggered out of the woods.

halloweenhouseThis house is a serious size – even for absurd Hampstead. I always thought it looked like something out of the Adam’s Family. And now with the Halloween decorations up, I’m glad someone else gets the joke.

Sadly the wild hungry dogs sign is real.


Ah well.  With luck the fog will burn off later when I go for my normal afternoon walk.  We did the Kenwood side of Hampstead yesterday which was also gloomy.  But one has to say hello to Henry Moore.