A little springtime surprise

I’ve always wanted to do this. A double trip to the depot for mulch. The season has begun.

Marvellous. Sunday seems to be a popular time for the looting. It’s my second Sunday this month. A sort of antidote to the Brexit woes. Mulch is marvellously cheering.

And when I went the second time this afternoon another couple were already at the pile. And I thought I was being greedy with my 24 sacks for mulch. They were shovelling piles and piles into the back of their truck.

Still. I’m pleased.

I got to do a bit of spring time soil covering before the potential rain coming this week. I’ve mulched the duck pond terrace at last.

And it also meant that I could avoid getting my hands grubby. Or should I say my hand.

One of them doesn’t work.

I think I have discovered the secret of youthful looking skin. Caterpillar stings. Meet the results of a close brush with a Processionary Caterpillar – pine or oak, take your pick. We used to call Hairy Grubs at our farm growing up in Australia. They are coming down off the trees after nesting all winter in their vile little cocoons on the pine trees.

I have been wary and careful of them for a decade now.

If you touch them (Accidental garden digging event) or walk into their webs you get the most instant itchy sting. And a day later your skins swells. It’s painful and alarming. But two days later….. perfect plump skin!

Now if there are any budding scientists out there, here’s your chance. Just let me in on the royalties. I will need it to shell out on the painkillers.

I’ll show you where I managed to accidentally touch the caterpillar and sustain such an injury on Tuesday.  I’m not going to show you my swollen legs, it’s a family show. The wrinkly veiny hands are enough of a shock.