Little pots

pricking out seedlingsNow this takes me back. I’ve been pricking out plants this afternoon.   And nothing quite beats the rhythm and the routine and the joy of knowing you sowed the plants from seed and they are now moving on.

I have done some lettuce, cabbage and basil seedlings. Mainly because they were bursting out of their seed trays.   But also because it’s so much fun.   I haven’t chosen a very smart time to do them. I have to leave them for ten days on Tuesday.   But if I can get them to the shade of the barn and hope for cool weather they might be there when I return. jostaberry cuttings

santolina cuttingsI also couldn’t resist taking some santolina cuttings, and then plodding down to the now ripening jostabery bushes and taking cuttings from there as well.   More plants!  Only a few hours ago I was muttering darkly about how much time it takes to harvest the soft fruit.   And here I am creating more.   Ah, well.

I only stopped because I ran out of Floragard.   Luckily I’m driving down to visit Andrew tomorrow, and he has procurred a hefty bag for me.   I’ll have to try and resist plunging my hands in and sowing more seeds.