Leaf raking


I’ve nipped back to London to wield a rake.


That’s how it feels. And having a woodland garden surrounded by humungously large trees means that raking is a daily chore right now.

At least I am wielding a rake. Every other garden seems to be in the firm grip of leaf blowers. Vile noisy things.


Actually we could do with one for all the pavements which are ankle-deep in rotting leaves.  It makes quite a slippery adventure when you head outdoors.

IMG_0851The acers are gorgeous. The plane trees produce the most stonkingly large leaves. And the colours are a delight. When the sun shines.


Sadly this is not an everyday occurrence. So I’m hunkering down indoors baking and working. And yearning to get back to the farm.


My favourite autumn colour is always the one shining on the mulberry tree below our house.


Back out next week. Yay.