The leaf blower free farm

It’s safe, you can read this. I’m not grumpy any more.

Glory be the sun came out.

And what better way to revel in the winter sunshine than with a rake in hand.

There is clearing leaves from drains and rills…. and there is sweeping swathes of lawn that need to be revealed.

So much more satisfying.

Well, I’ll be cranky if the wind picks up and blows all the nicely piled leaves from the base of the trees. But I think we’re fine. And I intend to find some logs to place in neat designs around the base. It will make mowing more fun in spring.

Just look at that blue sky. Quite a rare old thing this early winter. Or late autumn?

And if you look up you don’t notice all that iris foliage that needs cutting back.

The forecast isn’t brilliant for the rest of the week. But just having one good day is such a tonic.

Bring on more raking and weeding and generally turning the mucky potager into a delight.