Lawns in a coastal landscape

I am a bad gardener.

I know this because I was trekking past this hidden garden last week. And decided that a lawn really does make a nice feature.

A lawn?

On the Spanish coast? What a waste of water.

Yes. I have to admit that the glimpse I had on my GR92 walk down the Costa Brava coast made me yearn for a bit of a green blank sward in among the planting.

I”m looking through the bars of a high fence to take these shots.

And I was dreading a barking dog.

What I was hoping for was a glimpse of the gardener herself and then I could boldly march up, grovel and praise. And beg a closer look.

But like most of these luxury villas on the coast. It was winter and it was all closed up.

I even did a detour around the front of the property. And believe me, this was a very steep detour.

Great gorgeous Stone Pines at the front.

And those mighty cypresses.

It was a tonic on my walk which was proving ‘interesting’.

We mainly came for two days to the coast in northern Spain so I could get a dose of this…

And this. The view from our hotel in Cap Sa Sal.

If I’m disciplined, I will write more while I’m plagued with guilt about not being a diligent blogger.

You know how you promise yourself on holidays you will have time to write…


It didn’t happen. I spent hours and hours and hours walking and soaking up the sun and the sea air. And not a moment on my laptop or my phone.

Well, I took a zillion pictures on my phone. So hopefully you will be as delighted as I was with the little week of adventure.

And just to bring you back down to earth.

My walk this morning around the mountain back at the farm..

Cloudy and minus 3C.