Late winter mulching

I pinged awake at 6am this morning and thought it was Saturday.

And boy was I disappointed to discover it was only Friday. Any other time outside a lockdown life in a pandemic winning a day would be cause for rejoicing….

But the good news is I have called a halt to the beefy work in the potager and on the farm. I have dragged branches out of the forest – both parts.

Lower forest for sticks which had to be hauled up with the aid of the mighty car.

Then the ones from the upper forest I let gravity do the talking. Teetering down the steep slope with armfuls of lovely dead chestnut.

I have chipped endless, endless twigs, branches, prunings.

I have dragged sacks of the gorgeous stuff (80 percent dead matter, 20 percent fresh) onto each and every one of my raised beds.

And here is the result.

I am pleased.

I am ready.