Late season roses

I’m just wolfing down lunch before heading out.

This is my daily plod.

Yep. Another bouquet of roses to the neighbours over the mountain. I know they have not had a surfeit of these amazing blooms. But they might start to find it tiresome returning the vases.

Well in this case it was just a cut down milk bottle. So that’s one for the recycling. But the glass jars are just full of wonderful roses right now.

I have never had so many Gertrude Jekyll blooms this late in the year.

This variety (yes, of course David Austin) is a repeat flowerer. But in our harsh climate I find there is the May and early June madness. Then a few come out in September. But they are quite fey.

This year it’s a bumper explosion. And it has lasted more than a month.

Better than earlier in Spring.

And I have no idea why. Did that wretched month of heatwave and drought force them into a frenzied season of blooming before they expire in winter?

Or did I just take good care to lob a bucket of water over each plant as I was so worried I would have nothing more than sticks?

Speaking of buckets.

The perfume is divine. And I have never been able to combine sedums with roses before.

Even the leaves look healthy.

If I’m cutting dahlias in this part of the potager I get the most fantastic waft of scent.

The tomato season may be coming to an end, but I think I have about two more weeks of this unexpected delight.

Now, off I go. I need to sneak these to Agnes while she is at lunch. Otherwise I might get invited to help with the chestnut sorting.

She only has about 30kgs to go.