The first snow of the winter season

1snow barn gardenThe winter wonderland. It is always fun to wake up to white.

We didn’t have more than about 3cm I think. A whole lot less than the Alps where 15000 cars were stranded on the roads in a sudden storm.

My first thought, I must confess, was poor cat in the potting shed.

So I raced up in my pjs and a hefty sweater and there was the little critter, waiting patiently for breakfast.

His fur was cold so I don’t think he had the warmest night.

1snow courtyardAnd as a special dispensation he is allowed in the house.  We are cat sitting after all.  And when the temperature goes into the minus range, it doesn’t seem fair to have him huddle in inappropriately insulated boxes in the shed in the garden.

Even if the shed is glam and his boxes have cashmere. 1desk ornament

Right now he is sitting here on my desk watching me type. Those of you who have cats doing this all the time (Sarah’s cats Edith and Ezra positively drape themselves over her laptop) can’t imagine how exciting it is.

He is purring and so am I. The only thing is he thinks fast fingers on the keyboards are small creatures that need to be eaten.

1desk ornament 1With a bit of luck he will settle down in a bit.  I need a few good hours at this desk.  And the handicap of a distracting cat won’t help.