Indoor gardening

I give up. This has felt so strange not to be posting news on the garden.  I will have been away over two weeks before I can get back to sending news from the garden.

And I thought I would show you some pictures of my ‘house arrrest’.

And offer you an amazing confession. Fake plants.

I know, hilarious. But I was at Ikea (as you do). Buying fabric, tupperware and curtains. And then I just strayed into the plant section. First the real ones.

I have been circling about the Norfolk Island Pines in the store all year. A Norfolk Island pine! In a pot. An indoor plant. The only Norfolk Island pines (Araucaria) I have ever seen are about one hundred feet high and lining my favourite beach in Sydney – Manly.

Let me see if I can find an example.

Hmm, not showing the majesty of the plants. Let me dive in again.

That gives you an idea. And they have a scent. Yes, a pine scent.  But for me a Manly Beach, Sydney scent.

So I bought one.

It’s titchy. It may not survive my neglect. But I wanted to give it a try.

And the fake gardening? Those monstera leaves in the pot. Yep. Fake. I’ve never done that before. The jungly look without having to water.

And on that unbelievable confessorial note, I’m off to rake leaves. Outdoor London gardening.