Hiding all sins

potager and lawn under snowWell here’s a clever way to hide all the garden damage: snow.

Now I know all my Minnesotan friends will scoff at the amount that fell today, but we had around 20 centimetres. A bit less than a foot of snow.  And it has stuck.

So with more to come over the next few days, we may be snowed in. Yippee.

It’s no fun for the birds of course, but we had set out two different feeders on the terrace, and they were gamely skidding up over the house in the buffetting wind and landing near the sunflower seeds. bird feeder

I have no idea where they perch at night. But one critter is well settled. Artur is in the potting shed and well huddled down in his box of fleeces.  I changed the box he had first claimed for something larger – a wooden wine box. And fluffed up the warm material so he could really burrow down.

And that was where he stayed all day. It’s a bit gloomy up there as the snow has completely covered the roof. An igloo is how it feels, and it’s hardly welcoming for the plants.  But they are snug. I hope.

nov 20 snowBut thank goodness for forecasts. I had time to get things indoors; and pick the parsley in the potager pots.

I won’t be finding anything else there for a while. A week at least.

If we were smart we would have just hunkered down in front of the fire, but life goes on and there are meetings with pool people (ouch, expensive) and builders to talk to and rooms to move back into and sort.

But by early afternoon I was perched like Artur. Not quite snuggled down in a box, but at my desk and working.  And gazing out the window at the cherry trees getting more and more buried under snow. view from window

I still have a hole in the floor from the renovations. I have taped it up and covered it with wood and assorted bits of insulation off cuts. But with the new roof insulation things are almost snug in there.

It’s going to be a very black and white picture gallery for a few days more. We aren’t predicted to get more than 1C in ‘warmth’ for at least a week.