Her Indoors

chutneyI did it. I stayed indoors for the whole day.  Well, I had a few minor gardening things like watering potting shed brassicas, misting my new cuttings and watering the garden. But I did nowt that invovled machinery, bending, lifting or cutting weeds and grasses.

And it was quite a tonic. My body needed a day off.

And my office needed a very good sorting and tidy.

So my tally for the day involved 15 pots of mirabelle chutney. A huge volume of lavender stripped off its stalks, one big jar of scented pelargonium sugar. And a neat office. jam labelling

Oh yes, and I labelled all my jars of jam. I don’t think I will have more than 100 pots this Christmas Fare.  My figs and green gauges didn’t come through to harvest this year. Not a quince on the trees. No late season plums apart from the mirabelles.  All very poor. That’s the long winter for you and a late spring where it kept raining until the end of May.

Tomorrow I will climb back into the harness and strim a lot of the top terrace. Well, as much as I can until 1030am when the sun reaches over the top of Mont Godin and we have Yet Another Hot Day. Wierd season indeed.