An apperatif and a well earned sit down. What a great day.   I yearned for this sort of full on gardening session for weeks; and achieved it.

It was the weather that inspired. A crisp sunny day, no wind, and hours of exciting toil ahead of me.   It’s such a shame I can’t show the photos of my now cleared and almost weed free vegetable garden. It looks heavenly.

It’s a large part of my garden; and it takes an inordinate amount of time. But when I tuck into a vegetable curry tonight: aubergines, carrots, swiss chard, spinach, kale and onions, it will all feel worth while.   And that is a November harvest after a hard frost.

I had hoped to add some tomatoes to the mix. There were plenty of little cherry tomatoes on the dying plants. But the taste was well and truly mushy. Ugh, So they are going to delight the compost heap rather than my supper.

I even had time to get stuck into the soft fruit orchard, removing loads and loads of weeds.  Â  And I have taken out the nepeta plants from the central parts of the vegetable garden, and planted them all down the side.   That will be a delightful scent for Artur next year, and the blue and grey colour scheme will please me.

And that means I now have the central areas free for transplanting the bright yellow achillea plants that have to come out of the wildflower garden.

That is going to have to be the next visit’s major project. A huge clearing job and sorting of the plants I want to keep.

But tomorrow I must return to London. Sigh. But pacing myself during Sciatica Season is not such a bad thing.