Harvesting herbs under snow

1herb bayI just had to find something to do this afternoon that wasn’t white and freezing cold.

So it was beef bourgignon on the menu. All I needed to do was nip out and pick some herbs.

And I am learning to live like a Minnesotan here: deep snow cover means you really have to plan your outings. I have one bay tree in the hedge way beyond the limit of the farm; behind the potting shed. And I needed a few leaves for the stew.

So I donned thick jacket, gloves, hat and boots and struck out for Siberia.

I’m exaggerating of course. But we have a strong storm blowing today – gusts of 85km per hour – so life is a bit challenging outdoors. 1herb parsley

I decided to try for the parsley too. That is growing (or huddling) in some pots in my potager, far at the top of the slightly sloping site.

So down I trod, very gingerly, to the garden. The steps are a foot deep in the white stuff.  The parsley, amazingly, is alive. I grabbed a handful.

1herb rosemaryAnd then had to dig out the rosemary shrub so I could break off a few stalks. Poor plants. This snow is very heavy. It is insulating if it covers the plant entirely. But not if it bends the branches down to almost breaking point.

It will be interesting to see what damage this garden has sustained once the snow melts.

If the snow ever melts. I’m starting to have my doubts.