Hard Life

Gardener’s World is about to start so I shall be brief.   I watered, I mulched and I weeded.

Artur lazed under the tomatoes. Playing chicken when the hose came a bit too close. He does love water.

My mulching and weeding took place along the path that Alice weeded all those years ago. It’s looking very patchy and parched now.

But amazingly the calamagrostis Karl Foerster grasses which I planted four years ago are still alive.

I give them the worst possible conditions; no water, free draining acid soil, weeds, and no attention.   But this afternoon I finally did a spot of weeding and then mulched about the base of each grass.

If they are very good I might even get round to watering and even a slow release fertilizer. But I must not get distracted.   And speaking of which. It’s time for me to watch someone else’s garden for a change. A place that is cool and wet and doesn’t have dozing attack cats under the toms.