lilac aprilWhen I closed my eyes last night, trying to sleep, I kept seeing verbascums. Burned on my retina.   I probably dreamed about them as well.   But actually I didn’t get that much sleep anyway. We are enjoying / enduring the most tremendous storm right now.   Gusts of wind almost 70km per hour. And it just hasn’t let up since late afternoon yesterday.   Well, it does die down. And you get lulled into thinking it has slowed, but then roars back in – making everything rattle and shake.

I put up the shade net yesterday (ironic considering it’s neither sunny nor warm) on the salads, and it blew prettily about the potager until I wrestled it to the ground.

The shade cloth was ordered online and I must say it’s an incredibly luminous shade of green. Why on earth would you create such a colour?  I bet you can see it from outer space.

And the net on the broad beans and peas is only protecting the poles it’s attached to.   A deer could have raced over to the veggie garden last night and easily ticked off his five a day.

Luckily it was so unpleasant that I don’t think any animals were being that adventurous in search of food.

Oh yes, and Artur was locked out of the potting shed because the wind moved the two large bricks I had secured behind  the front door leaving it ajar and the door slammed shut. shade cloth

But he slept underneath the building in a nest of boxes, so he was fine.

I’m debating about whether to battle to the rubbish and recycling and market today.   Our little town (10kms away) is a wind tunnel at the best of times. I can’t see how the stall holders will be able to keep their produce secured to the tables.   We shall see. I’m in my painting clothes and might just go up a ladder and do more beams. At least it won’t be a wind assisted activity.