Gravel mulch

potager winterI’m obviously missing Manly beach. This gravel path is not so much a walk to the potting shed; it’s a wade. Great for toning the calf muscles.

You may have heard about the gravel event last week. Only now am I getting the pictures out. In a word – glorious. Talk about instant makeover.

I actually started out ordering just two cubic metres of the gravel. That’s a lot of small river stones. But I was persuaded to order more.

And when Madame Felix tells you to do something you generally snap to attention and agree. potager gravel 1

She always comes away from our conversations heated but refreshed. And if any of you get the EF Benson Miss Mapp allusion, you will know that Miss Mapp is very much like Madame Felix.  A wee bit scary.

The conversation went something like this:

Hello Madame Felix, It’s Madame Sinclair.

What do you want?

A few cubic metres of gravel please.

potager gravelledWhat for?

The garden. Again. I always order it from you.

What size?

The one I always order. If you could just look up your computer for my account you can see that I only ever order the same size. I’m sorry I don’t know the dimensions.

[Long pause, dark mutterings] Oh, you don’t want gravel you want galet [pebbles].

Sorry, I couldn’t remember the exact name. central section

Well, that’s ridiculous wanting to buy pebbles, why do you want to spend that much?  I have plenty of things that are chearper.

But I like the galet. It has a nice mixed coloured finish.

[loud harumphing and yet more dark mutterings.]

We batted the conversation back and forth about the delivery dates and it was done. But then I reflected. The delivery charge is a quarter of the load. Why don’t I just order an extra cubic metre and really put Nicolas’ back out hauling the stuff about?  I only ever do the the big order every three years or so.

another viewAnd it was done. Madame Felix was delighted to hear me grovel when I called back to ask for more. And Nicolas enjoyed hearing about the baiting.

It took his mind off his aching back.

gravel gone