Going mad with the mulch

festucas mulchedI didn’t realise you can garden until 830pm at night. That is the reason for the rather evening glow to the shade garden tonight. I’ve gone mad with mulch.

And at long, long last this festuca side of the shade garden starts to make sense.   It actually looks planted.

And even better, you can see the species tulips in among the grasses. I must plant a hundred more next year to make it a more dramatic picture. But I just love the simplicity of the three colour scheme – green, brown and a hint of red.tulips in mulch

shade garden mulched aprilAnd now this part of the garden feels complete. I’m boasting, but it’s amazing what a spot of mulch (well, sacks and sacks of the stuff) can do.

I cleaned out Castorama and Dia’s supply of cheap mulch this afternoon, and had enough to weed and get some more mulch down on the south side of the shade garden.   The euphorbia polychromas positively grow in the evening light.

polychroma glowingAnd I have even made a start on the hedge.   I don’t have enough mulch to cover the entire top hedge area. We are talking about 30 feet by three feet long here.   But at least I’ve made a start on the weeding.   I couldn’t believe the number of worms I managed to bother while I worked. This is a happy part of the garden indeed.

And on that note of happy gardener and happy mulched soil, I’m off to mulch myself onto the sofa indoors.