Germination wonderland

Watering in the late evening; I wish I had time for a good old weed of the lower vegetable bed. It’s verdant. In both edibles and weedables. You can’t even see the beetroot seedlings for the unwanted greens that have sprung up in that part of the garden scheme. But I have to think of the positives: the strawberries are fruiting and some are even pale pink. We have eaten salad for the past two days and they are growing well. The flowers on the broad beans are cheery, and the peas are putting on height and girth. (Must try and remember to add more supports tomorrow). I have oodles of brassicas just waiting to go in. And my tomatoes are bursting out of their pots.

Germination has been too successful up in the potting shed. I can’t bring myself to throw away seedlings. So I ended up potting up 52 cavollo neros yesterday. If I ran out of pots it would have been easier. But the excitement is too much. Things are growing and I am just the facilitator. I’ve almost run out of room in that little shed. I need to get the flower border levelled and cleared of stones. And get things in the ground. No use having plants withering up there while I’m away.

The main gardening even this week wasn’t gardening at all. But hot weary digging. The future lawn next to the swimming pool had standing water from the last mighty downpour of rain. And we just knew that another trench had to be dug to get the water to flow away. Luckily my aunt and uncle from Australia were visiting. And Peter very kindly lent a hand. Well, lent a back and a sturdy pair of leg plus expertise and skill. We had the mighty trench dug in an afternoon. Two workers are faster than one. So we probably saved Nicolas (and our bank account) a day of sweaty toil. If all goes well we can have turf on that side of the pool next week. Or the week after.

For the rest of the gardening news I have to scrabble amongst the notes I have been making these past few days. If I can remember where I put them.