Foxgloves in the woodland

1deerWildlife in the garden. I have been so absorbed with our morning visitor around the pool – young deer – that I barely noticed the explosion of wildflowers that have appeared nearby.

Digitalis. Foxgloves. They are such a welcome weed.

The deer are less welcome as they seem to take great delight it walking over our not so solid swimming pool cover.

But back to the plants.  They are all along the wall of the duck pond terrace. And I have some self seeded beauties in the shade garden. 1foxglovedetail

It may not be the most idea place for this biennial flower. But I will just have to step around them for a few months more.

And I even have one in the terrace bank above the potting shed which must have been one I sowed from seed. And misplaced. Lost or forgot about. I think it might be called freckles. But I’m guessing.  Sorry about the monster images today. I suspect vertical shots need to be resized to a much more manageable volume.  But I’m too sneezy from hayfever to pay close attention to the drop down boxes on the small screen.