Flowers for the house

My favourite phrase. Flowers for the house. I came back after ten days away; and this is always my first task.

Being autumn, I don’t have an embarrassment of riches; but I have sedums.

Such wonderful dusky colours this year.  Â  I’ve done a huge vase in the hallway with sedums, grasses and the mighty standby, chestnut branches.

I’m actually pulling the sedums out of the ground rather than cutting the long stalks as I want to increase my supply of plants.   And apparently getting them into water with some roots attached means I might be able to propagate them faster than just dividing in spring.

We shall see. I had enough left over for a big vase in the living room with cosmos as well.

And a vase of olive branches which is my cheats way of pruning the tree.   I just lop off bits.

We had 10mm of water at some stage in the past ten days. I suspect it was last night as Andrew had his rainfall then, and we aren’t that far apart.   But the garden needs a good soak.

I won’t need to water the courgettes. They are monsters. Marrows in fact; so they will be on the menu for the next week at least. That and cucumbers. Heaps of those.