First soft fruit harvest

1softfruit2Now that’s a mighty fine breakfast selection.

From the left: raspberries, white currants, strawberries and red gooseberries.  I have done the first brief foray into the jungle of soft fruit.

The raspberries are falling apart and achingly delicious. More perfume than texture.  And the red gooseberries are a revelation. Buttery. Like eating butterscotch with a bit of soft crunch.

The gooseberry bushes (I have two) were from a cutting by Teo. And if you can stand the sharp spikes of the plants, you can reach in and pull off these delicious plump orbs.

Trust fruit to bring out the poetic.

And don’t forget those jostaberries. This will be the first shot of many over the summer.  In peak season – about three weeks away – I will easily pick two kilos of fruit a day. A day. Do come by if you fancy any fruit. I will be handing out bags of the stuff.

Oh  wait. I live in the middle of nowhere deep in rural France. If I put up a stall by the roadside I would grow old waiting for custom. I’ll just have to turn them into jam and meet my clients in a more portable form.