Final dawn watering

Last watering of the potager. Such a lovely time early in the morning to drench all the cabbages and tomatoes and corn. The pumpkins are mighty and everything is still lush. May try and pull some carrots now the soil is not rock hard. I kept breaking off the tops of the fronds trying to yank them out yesterday and cursing my inability to learn.

Took photos of all the pumpkins with a small pot for scale. I’m curious to see how much they grow over the next two weeks.

Coming to London with a bag of potatoes, kale, carrots, eggplant, Savoy cabbage and beans. We ate the raspberries straight off the bushes on our way to the water tank. Amazingly it is still over half full. This time last year we had switched over to town water and the tank was decidedly low. September’s watering promises to be abundant and extravagant indeed.