Fig trees Hyde Park

img_4502Aren’t they fab? A whole alley of giant fig trees. But what variety? I was plodding through here last week (in the rain) and was looking about for a sign.

This wasn’t helpful.


But deeply ironic. A risk of tree failure? Really?

It turns out the fab trees in the park are Hill’s figs. (I went on the Hyde Park council maintenance website to see what they were mulching.)

My superficial knowledge of these creatures are restricted to Moreton Bay figs (and a glazed over and amazed look at this website listing all the ‘figs’ in Australia. Who knew?)

img_4495Ficus microcarpa Hillii. A tropical North Queensland tree, to heights of 20 metres. Needs hummus rich soil.

Well that’s not a seed that is going to be germinated on my mountain farm in France any time soon.