Autumn harvesting

This is an excuse for a photo essay today. Figs, glorious figs.

My favourite autumn harvest.  I have been stalking about the two large fig trees on the farm, waiting and checking and poised ready to pounce.

The best one is back against that wall of the barn. South facing, restricted roots, all the right things for a fig.

I’m usually in a war with the wasps and the hornets to get at the figs before they do.

But I have learned that if you get up early enough, or hang about late enough, you beat them to it.

It has been the talk of the region – a bumper year for figs.  That combination of hot, hot summer but with the added surprise of a bit more rain that last year.

Cue groaning trees just full of fruit.

And mad happy harvester throwing herself into the branches seeking out the juiciest ones.

I must confess that most of this harvest will go to my friends.  I have to leave the farm for a whole month.


Pause to let that sink in while the tomatoes are still ripening, the aubergines have to be propped up as they are so heavy on the plants, and the figs are poised to turn into the best year ever.

When you grow your own food it feels dreadful to be abandoning it.  Or maybe we hate knowing that we will miss the best bits. The raspberries need to be picked daily they are so productive and I can no longer fit a single fruit into the deep freezer.

Anyway, can’t be helped. And I think that you might enjoy the different flora of Australia for a change. I might even go on a busman’s holiday and find a mulch pile with a bush turkey perched on top to photograph. Bet you can’t wait for that.

I had enough figs for a few jars of jam. So I made a batch to remind me what a glory this year has been.

The fig, cardamom and rosewater jam recipe can be found on this website.

And it is where you can find me even though I am so far away.

Before I go. A quick update of other preserving. All those aubergines still growing….

And every meal a divine delight of tomatoes…

Next week I have a final photo round up before the garish colours of Australia in spring invade.