February flowers

My goodness the pickings are slim this month. I barely have more than two different bouquets to show you.

January King narcissus (or are they Early Sensations?)

I blame the fact I have been travelling to London too much. And a dearth of colour in the garden.

And of course I forgot to photograph the rather good bouquets I took up this week as I was in a rush.

So have some hurriedly shoved mimosa in some vases while you sigh and announce that are aren’t cross, just very disappointed.

Let me placate you with some photographs my brother sent me last week. Saturated colour gives the village and the neighbouring one quite a festive air.

He took them last summer and managed to make the village look positively next door. When in fact this shot was taken from our farm 5km away across the valley as the bird of prey flies.

And Chalencon positively zings.

Not a bad shot of the avenue of plane trees outside the village of St Laurent du Pape. I’m impressed he managed it as it’s the one spot where you can floor the accelerator and actually get up to 80. And if you are really lucky, overtake that pesky tractor / caravan / tourist who has been beetling along the winding Eyrieux valley road at 50 for the past twenty minutes.

I even took him to my favourite house in town as I knew he would make it look even better than I can manage when I shove my phone through the locked bars of the gate.

All locked up and no one ever home. Thank you Beanie for the pics.