Farm tour updates

Winter mulching? Winter mooching more like. Where’s my three times a week blog post? I’m not getting value for money here. Get a move on!

Sorry. It’s the new year and I have snuck to London for a week.  Just a pause between chores. Mind you, I seem to be in a flurry of domestication right now. Even in London. But being London and mizzly and grey it’s indoor chores to the fore.

The pantry has been thoroughly sorted, and even the tupperware containers were hauled out, inspected, stacked back properly and hidden away.  That will do for another year. At least I can find the right lids.

And the sorting has not stopped there. I have decided to try and update all the Farm Tour areas of the website. Do you ever read them? I thought not.  I started creating them way back in 2014 and early January 2015.

And as you know, nothing is ever static in a garden.  So much has happened to so many areas.  So working backwards I have made a start on a serious update. And I have made the photos larger which suits my ageing eyes.

It is taking forever. Maybe that is because there are (pause while I count) 28 stories telling about all the different parts of this garden.

And I realize that I need to add or modify four more. The Dry Garden to replace the sensible story about the east garden being a relaxing lawn (hah!), the Lilac Bed to turn into the mammoth guesthouse garden I started to create last year.

The Orchard Bank is a new garden area since 2015. And I have decided that we all need some visual cheer. So I want to create something called the Cut Flower garden. Even though it’s just a long large bed in the potager.  I was looking through my Potager folder of photos and kept snagging my eyes on dreamy shots of flowers.  It slowed me down as they were just so divine.

Things like this.

So without further ado (which involves making a cup of tea and grabbing a handful of sultanas) I am surging ahead with the Farm Tour updates and getting distracted by colour.

Not a bad thing on a grey London day.