Eragrostis grasses in spring

weededpoolbankI have a sneaky suspicion I have posted this picture before. You have to blame my messy files right now. I’m usually fiendishly neat with my photo files.

But with the spring season of visitors, I have not been as adept at storing as usual.

So I apologize if you have seen this one already.

I have been walking around pulling out some rather unwanted grasses.  The black oat grass. It towers above everything else in the garden. And is rather undecorative.

I will have to do another lap around in a few weeks time when the enemy grows tall enough even for me to notice. lavenderweeded

But for now I have done the banks above the pool and lawn.

And tiptoed through the lavenders on the bank.

It’s a feat of ballet to get your feet between the lush shrubs and not trip up. And you do have to factor in the inelegant leap down onto the grass.

These lavenders will be flowering any day soon. Well, next month. So now I will get to enjoy them rather than spotting the rogue weed peeping out, trying to ruin the display.