End of summer flowers

Hah! I bet you thought you were only going to see shots of desiccated blooms. Like hydrangeas ready to dry a month before their normal dormant season.

But even with incredibly difficult conditions I did manage to make flower bouquets each week all month.

And as I have a physio session each Wednesday with a lovely woman who is quite in thrall to eucalyptus leaves. I have managed to cut enough stems from the large but tall tree in front of the potting shed.

If I have more than six more sessions I will need to use a ladder to reach the next tier.

I am struggling with the dahlias as the stems are so short.

I have managed to insert one or two blooms in each posy. But it’s a struggle.

I resorted to greenery for one of the vases in the house.

It was strangely soothing. Vine leaves, rosemary, choiysia… and it lasted for weeks. So that was a delight.

I was experimenting with the vine leaves as I accidentally chopped one long tendril off a fence and just shoved it into a bucket of water.

It didn’t wilt. For a whole week.

So it was put to use in a rather whimsical bouquet.

I might make more of them if this heat continues.

Eh? Indeed. One more block of nine days when the temperature will stay in the 30Cs.

Luckily I have a nice indoor dried flower project. Very fragile cards with dried flowers. Definitely one for local gifts.

Alice sent me a picture of a display at a market in Olomouc, and I zoomed in on the beautiful handmade card.

So simple and so much fun.