En vacances : Scotland

Please let me fling endless pictures of seafood at you.

The most delicious scallops I have eaten in years. From a fish restaurant in Oban, right beside the port.

That was definitely the highlight of the trip.

No. The highlight was going to a beautiful wedding on the east coast of Scotland. At the famous Cambo House and Gardens no less. (It needs a separate post.)

We had ten days of glorious autumn weather on our trip and every possible moment was spent by the sea.

Here in the East Neuk of Fife.

At Crail. Near St Andrews.

Does walking past a field of Calabrese (broccoli) count as part of the gardening section of this blog?

And then on the west coast on Loch Awe.

Our friends have bought a big forest right on the loch.

And they are planning to build their own home and create a bit of paradise on a knoll overlooking this amazing stretch of water.

The sort of ambitious scheme that would keep one awake for ages; consume every waking hour and involve incredible amounts of energy and vim.

And also the kind of project that makes you feel relieved you are already 15 years into yours and there is precious little building more to do on your farm.

We don’t count the ambitious pergola scheme I have for my soft fruit orchard this winter….

There are forest paths, dramatic waterfalls. And no end to an adventure.

Best of all they have an amazing inn close by where they can stay while the house gets built.

Cooked breakfasts!

Egad I love people cooking for me. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for ten wonderful days.

Making one’s own hummus for lunch is so disappointing after all that avocado and ricotta on toast.

Each part of the coastal visits were bookended by staying in Edinburgh.

And my, that has changed since I was a tourist there a few decades ago. Pedestrianised streets just make walking an endless delight.

Yes, blue skies.

Yes exquisite stone buildings everywhere from Bruntsfiend (my new favourite place) to Leith. We did a monstrous 24km day exploring and ogling.

The whole walk fueled by a perfect Australian Lamington and millionaire’s shortbread break en route.

And apples which a kind gardener had left outside their Morningside house.

I came home refreshed.

And resigned to living in a landlocked part of France where a trip to the freezer aisle of the supermarket is the closest I will get to scallops and langoustine for a while.

Never mind, rural France has its delights.

(Even the tombs in the local cemetery near Morningside were fab.

Do I have cemetery envy as well?)