En vacances – flowering Australian native trees

Let me fling some blossom at you.

I am painfully aware that you have been deprived of news.

So please accept these bouquets of flowers from my walk this week. It’s a paltry stop gap while I find time to do all I have promised and not delivered.

Grevillea to start.

Of course the mighty eucalyptus.

But while I have been walking smack bang into these trees growing at head height.. and reaching over the fences to get as close as I can to these little garden trees..

One does also step gaily over a carpet of frangipane flowers all over the ground. Not a native. But very, very ubiquitous in Sydney.

How about this one for reversion in action. A spot of breeding gone wrong on this tree.

And here is one I will be going back to in the next street.

A gorgeous fuchsia pink magnolia

Who knew?

And to finish. A salutary warning.

Import the pretty annual climber Morning Glory. Ipomoea.

And then let it run amok in a climate that doesn’t have a winter cold enough to kill the plants.