Easter potatoes

Come children gather round. Put down that chocolate easter egg and have a look at the strange lady digging a potato row.

Yes. Super old-fashioned moment for me.

I’m a no dig gal when it comes to the potager. I just mulch over the top and off I go.

But I decided I needed to have a good look at this soil up here in the top potager – it hasn’t been cultivated for years and years.

So this morning, in blazing surprising sunshine, I took my fork and line measure and set to work.

Actual digging. Quite the novelty.  There were worms.

There were tremendous amounts of weedy material. Most of it roots from the huge ash tree about 20 metres away.

But I was pleasantly surprised how healthy this soil looked.


Two long rows and in went the Charlottes. New potatoes.

I mounded up the rows, stood back and thought: goodness, who on earth is going to hoe the weeds on this exposed soil?

And I haven’t any spare mulch. So this is going to be the best look you get.

It’s spring. It’s all downhill from here.