Early summer flowers

This is a test. A brand new utterly thrilling bit of kit. A new computer.

But have all my toys transferred over from the old cranky bit of laptopery?

Let’s shove a lot of flower bouquets at the problem and see what happens.

Ooh, so far so good.

I have been unsettled with travel the past week or so.

So I was a bit surprised I could even summon visits to the potager to make up some bunches. There were early forays.

Go dahlias!

Everything is poised and ready to burst into colour.

Some roses are clinging on.

The last of the alliums are still purple and not turning green.

And I know that I will be castigated for adding the parsnip flowering stalks to the bunches. The pollen drifts everywhere.

But I have just a few dahlias for early summer and the ubiquitous fillers – lychnis and balotta.

The stiff lychnis do a great job of holding the rather floppy roses in place.

And how about my new display box where I can shove new courgettes and small vases of flowers in front of a green background?

It’s too small. Grrr. I’ll need to make larger ones in my leisure this summer.

At least it lets me show off my new almost daily drying of the helichrysums.

Little and often.

I’m drying them in my office on the metal barrel so I can look up and gaze with delight.

And now I can see that this spiffy new lap top even makes things easier. No more slow to load. And the pictures are sparkling.

Okay, we are back with posting blog bits in between Lots and Lots of Visitors.

I hope they like eating courgettes.