Dry summer?

All doom and gloom in the news about the lack of winter rainfall and potential drought and dry summer to come. Just my luck to finally get a garden and then find out that we will have a hose pipe ban.

I am utterly confused about when to plant all the seeds. Should I go with the Gardening Which? Magazine’s guide, the Sarah Raven books, Monty Don’s book or the Grow Your Own and Kitchen Garden magazine guides. They all vary. My father in law warns me not to start too early and I suspect he is right. Luckily I will be going to Australia for the first two weeks of March, so that ought to keep me out of the dirt.

I’m still waiting for the delivery of my seed potatoes from Thompson and Morgan and sweet peas plus packets of goodies from Sarah Raven’s company. That will teach me. Next year, (already planning ahead, what a gardener!) I will buy the potatoes from the allotment where they take just a few metres to carry to the plot. Not sure I will chit them all. There is Debate about its efficacy. I think it will be a miracle no matter what, so don’t really care.

Vegetable: Red Baron Red Onion Set
How many?: 4
How planted?: Jiffy 7s
Notes: In warm heated room

Vegetable: Feltham First Pea
How many?: 4
How planted?: Root Trainer
Notes: Top floor (unheated)