dozens and dozens of fat juicy worms

Well it feels like a spring day. Or is that just the pleasure of being in the ‘garden’? Had a good session up at the allotment today. Nothing dramatic happened during the two week enforced break. The garlic and onion bulbs are still there, and even sprouting a bit of green. And the wheelie bin has a bit more rain in its bottom. I have set up a water catchment system – stringing out the green tarpaulin over the compost bins, pulling it tight and securing the ends into the bin. Hopefully it will catch more rain over the next month.

Exciting development in the beds – the sight of little tiny weeds. Hurrah. The first bit of green. The soil is warming up under the fleece where the potatoes will go. Perhaps I will plant the first potatoes there next week.

I have planted a row of shallots next to the onions. They came from the allotment shop for the grand total of 65 pence. Haven’t heard about the variety before, but it was worth a try. Dug a mini trench, added some multi purpose compost and a bit of sharp sand. Planted away and looked back rather pleased.

After minutely inspecting the beds, and topping up the paths with some more bark chips, it was down to the onerous task of Yet More Weeding. It’s odd, I thought I had cleared more of the lower plot, but when I looked, it seems only five feet has been cleared. Have the weeds snuck up diabolically while I was away? I did another foot today. Dig over with a fork and then get down on my new knee pads and pull up each weed. A few more slugs in this section alas, but also dozens and dozens of fat juicy worms. The robins are too busy courting to bother with the free meals I was offering. But their song was a delight in the nearby trees.

After doing the laborious end plot for an hour or so, I was tempted to creep up to the top covered plot and turn over a little bit there too. It is to be the flower bed – and I would love to do a row of lilies up that end. They are definitely going to be in pots sunk into the ground mind you. Too much slug risk up there.

Sun came out, I got hungry, batteries ran out in my mp3, and the jet lag overtook. So back I have come to the top garden to inspect the plants. The seedlings are out having their sun kicks (what experts call hardening them off) and if I forget to bring them in this afternoon, they will have a frost kick as well. When will real spring ever begin?

Vegetable: Shallots Golden Gourmet
How many?: 1 row
How planted?: Directly into the soil
Notes: Bed 2

Vegetable: Pea Feltham First
How many?: 4
How planted?: Root Trainers
Notes: Unheated upstairs