Isn’t that a beautiful word? Shame it means dripping with sweat. But it’s appropriate. Morning tea time and I have come indoors to towell off.   Goodness only knows why but I decided to do a spot of mowing.  The grass may not be growing in this relentless heat.  But the weeds are.   So I nipped off the flowers in the orchard, up the track, in the main lawn, under the plums and down the road. Only one and a half hour’s work but I’m dripping. Off chin, down cheeks, everywhere.   So it’s on with the kettle and upping the perspiration with a mighty brew.

But it will be sweetened with tart. One thing I forgot to mention: I have made the first season’s tarts: raspberry, jostaberry and apricot. Three mighty treats.  Hope they freeze well.  There’s no way we can get through three big desserts on our own.