Damn, damn, damn

My spring tally. Two lost pairs of secateurs. My new favourite trowel. The trowel is BRIGHT ORANGE for heavens sake. How on earth can I have lost that?

The secateurs are vital bits of kit and I am very, very cross.  Where on earth are they?

Does everyone else suffer this spring weeding calamity?

My garden is huge. The opportunities for lost metal is high. But two pairs of secateurs?

How on earth am I going to make my favourite flower bouquets without my favourite garden tools? Or cut back spent sedum stalks?

This mild weather has meant I have spent days and days kneeling and sitting down pulling out weeds and turning most garden areas into attractive ‘bring it on’ places.

But now I spend almost as much time hunting. Where on earth are my secateurs?

They usually sit in my back pocket (which has a hole in it). And of course they get transferred to my gilet or plonked in a bucket when the day ends and I haul all my tools back to the potting shed.

Left inside for an emergency reviving cup of tea? I’ve searched high and low.

My last resort. My last hope is the potting shed itself.

That’s the task for today. Wish me luck. I’m tooth grindingly cross.