Dahlias and damage

Goldilocks and the three bears.  You all know the story.  Chairs, porridge, beds. And the last one is just right.

In my story I have three enemies on this farm.  The wild boar, the badger and the hedgehog.  All three of them have made merry while I was away.

The wild boar is the one that causes the most carnage.

Followed closely by the badger. The new kind on the block.

Uprooted shrubs.  And an entire compost heap rummaged and rootled.

I should be grateful the badger has gone hunting for grubs in the heap. But actually it took ages to clean it up and rake up the mess.

At least the heap is now grub free.

And I’m going to have to add more very heavy rocks around these small shrubs until they can fend on their own. Or fence in this little iris bank.

But you haven’t navigated your way here to just stare at grubbed up soil.

The answer is the hedgehog by the way. It makes small holes all over the place but at least I don’t have to tsk, repair and lament.

So I give you dahlias.

What a delight for autumn.

Bouquets galore. Which keeps me from the distraction of wild boar damage panic.  That will teach me for pulling out all the fences on this farm.