Courtyard progress

courtyard compacted 1I realised that I haven’t taken any shots of the courtyard since it was mostly finished.  We have to leave it to get rained on for a fortnight (well that will be a few millimetres, we are in a drought) and then the builders will come back and compact it again.

So it’s halfway there.  The main reason I take no pictures is the problem of the light. Unless it get up super early, the glare and the shadows ruin all the shots.

So here is an early morning shot.  The rill in the middle isn’t finished, and the bread oven needs a concrete pour and a bit of banking.  And somehow they have to put the rose planters back. In the right spot. courtyard compacted

I will be away when they next come back, so I suspect I will be up late on the last night drawing complicated diagrams of where things need to go.

The planters are too heavy for me to shift on my own, so I have to rely on Etienne kindly placing seven planters in the right spot.

Fingers crossed.