What on earth is the cat doing here?   He has climbed into the metal rack that is supposed to display pots in summer.

He actually managed to look rather sheepish when I found him. I generally walk into the potting shed rather carefully, so as not to disturb him.

I usually find him snoozing in a box or in a nest of nets.   But right now he thinks the best spot is in a large black garbage bin under the potting shed staging.   He is perched on a great fat nest of black bin liners, Ikea bags, paper bags and tarps. Cat heaven. A bit like Miss Tigger in the laundry basket of Christmas wrapping paper.

I can’t get a shot of him as he always climbs out when he hears me rootling about. Cupboard love, rather than guilt. But I’m determined to catch him deep sleep and drooling in his newest nest.