Companion weeding

An early evening communal task.   I was up at my top vegetable garden this evening trying to sort out the raspberries.   There are Weeds in there. Great tendrils of goosegrass and armfuls of vetch.   Plus assorted grasses and mess.   So I set to happily pulling it out and enjoying the soft evening light.

mown walnut pathI looked up at Jean Daniel’s potager which abuts ours (albeit with a 50 metre strech of greenery between us) and he was doing exactly the same.   His weeds were just as impressive.   So we had a companionable chat about life while attending to our veg.

I then cut a large handful of asparagus for him and took them up.   I warned him that I think Artur has a tick. I didn’t dare attend to it as I wasn’t prepared for the Artur strength lacerations he would inflict if I attempted to pull it out. But Jean Daniel thinks that will be an exciting challenge.   He looked about him and asked where the cat was. And I had to admit that he was asleep in the potting shed.

So he will know where to find him when he is ready to attend.

Actually we could have done with his mouser skills as the mole was active as we were chatting. Right behind me in the field across from the vegetable beds.   I left Jean Daniel to it (he was standing over the fresh mole hill with a manic look on his face and a sharp hoe in his hand) and went back to the house.

It has been a long day. Just time to cut some marjoram for a garnish for dinner and call time on the outdoor chores.