Chipping branches for mulch

I’m trying to decide how many shots of branches you can all endure before reaching for your mouse and moving on to something more scintillating.

This is a big job this week. And for all of you who chip your branches for mulch and for your garden beds, it’s the garden equivalent of porn.

Phoawww. Take a look at those stacks.

This mountain is currently littered with these stacks. Four of them.

I have been clearing all the fallen oak branches all over the terraces. Therapeutic. A bit exhausting. But very pleasing.

I have been using both wheelbarrows – the large one (disguised as a station wagon) for the easy pickings on the paths.

But most of the time it has been the plodding mechanical kind. Gravity is not my friend with this job.

Well, the most pleasing bit will be when I can finally show you the heaps of chipped sticks. In the ubiquitous blue Ikea bags of course. How else am I going to drag this treasure to where they belong? In the permaculture beds in the potager.

What? Have you missed that? So have I. The beds haven’t been built yet. I’m itching to get them built. But it’s a team effort.

And the stone mason work comes first. Curse having Nicolas as a multi skilled worker. He is wearing his stone mason hat this week. Just when I want him to become master carpenter and get the beds built.

Naturally I ought to learn how to do this myself. If any of you are dithering, take a carpentry course. Learn DIY.

I should have made that a New Years’ Resolution.