Cat in the box

Ah, I do love this scene. I walk up to the potting shed and find a strange shape in the box at the end.   Up high.   Oh yes, Artur has mastered the cat flap with such aplomb now.   And has settled in.

Mainly because his home is overrun with rels right now and probably relishes a quiet kip.   But he is happy and so am I.

I mulched like mad today.   It took a few hours but I managed to reduce all the wisteria prunings to ground cover.   I was worried that the small sticks in the mix would jam up the chipper, but things were moving smoothly all day.  

And I have managed to do three quarters of the shade garden area in front of the potting shed.

Tomorrow I’m going to do more stick collecting and keep going.   This is the best job I could possibly do at this time of year.   And with the weather so mild, there is a risk that the weeds will start sprouting before I have a chance to get the ground cover down.