Building in stone

And we’re off.

Last week I was thrilled just to see the concrete foundations poured.

This week look how far things have advanced.

And that’s just the rear. The form work up. But also the stones.

The front of the building will have arches that mimic the ones along the terrace to the right.

Have you ever seen them? Let me rummage and see if I can find them. I usually only photograph them after laborious weeding of the rocks below.

And you may wonder just where the stones came from.

The answer: not very far.

The lads dismantled the bread oven.

I never expected to see stars at the end of this house in such a drastic way.

And best of all… a neat building site. Here is the dismantled oven area.

We will rebuild it as a facade when the rest of the work is done. And I think the walls have a few more stones to lose.

But everywhere I walk it’s a delicate matter of weaving between the boulders.

And trying to make my own building site as neat as this one.

Raised beds? Are we finally getting to see the new raised beds?

Here’s a sneak preview.

And for the curious – 3m50 long, 1m30 wide, 70 cm high. Beasts. Big scary beasts. More anon.