Bramble taming progress

Ooh I am so pleased with this.

I actually picked up the bramble prunings and put them away.

And I made a proper compost heap.

I had first started with the idea of using pallets to make three sides of a heap. It’s my usual go to method.

But I was very conscious that you can actually see this compost ‘bin’ from the house. And the whole purpose of this exercise was to plant trees down here. Not plant a glaring wooden crate.

So they went back into the rabbit shed and instead I have dragged the leftover chestnut fence (half burnt in the Ash In The Compost Bin Incident) down the track and fixed it in place.

Three metal rods. And get this – I should really sell this concept – wrapped with clematis vines. To secure the whole structure.

Talk about making use of the nearby weeds.

I just wrapped it from the other side of the fence and dragged it along the slats.

There are probably a few more lurking in the briar patch. I’ll just have to wait until spring and see if more start making a dash for the light.

Those dead cherry logs are not staying there. But I have yet to have the strength to roll them out of the way. Three are quite light. And one nearly killed me.

So for now I will call this almost done.

And as this absurdly warm weather is set to continue for a few days, I’ll be prepping the planting holes for the trees I have ordered for December.