Boozy work

cassisGolly what a night. We had the most humungous storm. Over two inches of rain falling in about eight hours. Thunder and lightning; and some of that incredible thunder that hits completely without warning.

It did sound very much like artillery (Moscow 1993 flashback) as it boomed so loudly so close to the house.

Needless to say we lost power and enjoyed dessert by candlelight.

And I was able to celebrate (hardly) with my very own first ever home made hooch.  I tried two things this year. Walnut liqueur and black currant liqueur.

I dutifully shook the bottles every day for months once I had added all the ingredients to the jars.

And sad but true, the walnut liqueur tastes vile. A bit like walnut flavoured cough syrup. I’ll leave it in its decander for another year I think. walnut after

But the blackcurrant liqueur is just fantastic. It tastes exactly like the ingredients for kir.  So we whipped out the champagne and made up the festive combination.

I’ll definitely be making this one again.