Being a bit deaf is a blessing

artur potting shed windowAnother crash on the potting shed roof. This is chestnut season. A time when heavy nuts fall to the ground.  To be picked up (ours go to the local cooperative) or just left to be trodden on at a later date. Or hoiked into a wheelbarrow and carted off to the compost heap.

Or even collected, cooked and devoured. One does tire of the taste after a few kilos.

When you have two giant trees just outside your place of work then this crashing can be a bit tedious.

virginia creeperThank goodness Artur is a bit deaf. Otherwise he would be jerked awake every ten minutes or so from the resounding shattering noise.  Not a cat on a hot tin roof, but a nut on a cool metal roof. pruning chestnut

Lots of them.

Despite the autumn acoustic crashing, I’m very pleased with my potting shed.  And even more so with the virginia creeper that is ever so efficiently hiding the exterior.

Mind you,  all the time I have been busy pruning and nurturing my creeper; I have not noticed the chestnut branches from the giant tree creeping evey closer.


artur looking at potting shedSo taking my life in my hands, I grabbed the large loppers and stood underneath a full of nut chestnut tree and chopped down the branches.

Health and safety nightmare. I even had to stop the cat from climbing out the window to have a look. I didn’t want him to get crushed under the weight of a heavily laden branch. It was bad enough having to duck out the way myself.

But we are pleased with the result.

And hopefully now life will be a bit quieter up at snooze central.