garden notesI am in so  much trouble.  I wrote out my To Do list last night and down at the bottom of the notes in bold capitals were the words No Gardening.

House arrest. I have promised to devote today to nothing more than clearing out my office and then getting the cellar cleared as well.  No bulb planting, no swanning about, no flower picking.


And around morning tea time when I quite despaired of the sea of stuff I was trying to sort,I thought I might just pop out and pester the cat in the potting shed.

No harm in that.  Except  you might wonder why I was hauling a sack of 100 Paperwhite Narcissus Ziva if this were an innocent strolL. paperwhites

Bad girl.  So much for following my own instructions.  Half of these paperwhites will be gifts for friends in the village. And the monster one will be for the main house.

I haven’t started it into growth just yet, but will do so in a fortnight or so once I’m sure the five pots I watered today are taking off.

There is nothing more wonderful than a constant supply of the most powerfully scented indoor daffs.

detail paperwhiteArtur didn’t fancy any attention – too busy snoozing in the warm sunshine so I had no choice but to come back inside and wade through boxes and bags and stacks o Stuff.

I’m halfway through the job. But at the rate I seem to sigh and faff, it will take until nightfall to get it all done.