Ardeche audit

Well that’s quite a spring surprise. The crocus snow buntings are bunting mightily on the east lawn. It must be spring. I was frankly nervous about the winter damage. Heavy rain had wreaked havoc on my lower vegetable bed. It is postively pitted from running water roaring down the mountain. Once it has really dried out I shall rake like mad and try and get the soil back into the appropriate places.

The potting shed shade garden has also had an injection of soil. It looks suspiciously smooth and the level is a little higher than last month. I can’t quite work out where it comes from: the terraces on the bank above it are untouched. But at least it means I don’t have to landscape.   I think Michel has been here in the past few weeks: the chestnut tree that used to tower over the shed and fling its fruit all over the shop looks decidedly thinner. Less branches. So that is good news. Michel is always mindful of keeping the form of the tree aesthetically pleasing. So he didn’t prune right over the garden where I really wanted to lose some branches. But at least there will be less chestnuts and leaves and branches over the path.

What else is new? Tulips are emerging in the mint prison; bulbs are coming up under the wisteria on the east side of the house.  Nicolas has put in some lovely hefty chestnut poles up at the raspberries. I hesitated taking a picture of the top potager as it is so unslightly, but here it is.

Hmm, black weed proof fabric – isn’t it fetching?

Can’t finish on a sparkling note: the poor sage in the herb garden looks well battered. I don’t dare plant the extra salvia caradonas that I bought yesterday. They are destined for this bed, but not before spring truly appears.