And the digger is back

I never did like those steps.

Vile crazy paving limestone monsters that were the very antithesis of humble steps in a granite stone region.

I did everything to disguise them.

Even shoving myself on them for the House and Garden magazine article.

But really. What is that expression? Putting lipstick on a pig? Nothing was going to solve the problem of those steps without a day hire of a mini digger and five mates.

And in just eight busy hours, the steps today are gone. Collateral damage in the quest to build more room in our house.

I was sad about losing the herb garden.

The roses growing up the walls…

I now have a rock pile instead of New Dawn rampaging up the walls. I can live with them as they will form part of the structure of our new building.

But not the steps. I don’t miss the steps.

Granted I now have no way to get down to the potager without trekking through the barn and down the lawn bank steps. But I’ll put up with that. For now.

Besides, I have something else to play with.

A large gorgeous pile of amazing soil. Excavated and nicely piled up. And for once within flinging distance of the new permaculture beds in the potager.

Don’t all swoon at once.